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In This Edition:

1. Broken News (All the News That's Fit to Reprint): a. Gasoline Prices Rebound - Upward; b. New Monthly High In Road Deaths; c. Famous Ann Frank Statue Stolen.

2. Economic Drumbeat (CR Business Happenings): a. 100 Day Prez Report/Cashing in Government; b. Inflation Impacting and Reducing Consumption.

3. Latin America Update (Major Events in Neighboring Countries):. a. Argentina - Money Madness and Dollars in the Dump; b. Dominican Republic - New "Ultra Low Cost Airline" Coming; c. Cuba - Major Fire at Oil Storage Facility; d. Nicaragua - Nicaraguans Say Ortega Best President.

4. Feature: The Return of the Romeria (Going to Any Length for Devotion).

5. Rumble and Weather Talk: a. Rumble: Only minor quivers; b. Weather: Rainy season but milder.

6. ¿Que es Eso?: A Cute Stone Crocodile?

7. Feature: International Living Fast Track Conference (Mixing With the Probable New Expats).

8. Health Stuff: a. Covid State of Emergency Lifted; b. Back to Normal With Dengue.

9. GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from Local Writers.

10. What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso.

11. ROMEO Corner: de la Finca, Quepos

Wisdom of the Ages


Your friends compliment you
on your new alligator shoes
and you're barefoot.

(thanks to Beth M.)

Holidays In Cost Rica In September

One huge holiday happens in Costa Rica in September. El Dia de Independencia or the celebration of Costa Rica´s Declaration of Independence from Spain which occurred 201 years ago on September 15, 1821. This is a paid holiday in Ticoland.

To read more on El Dia de Independencia, including the meanings behind the national flag, go HERE.

Broken News
(All the News That's Fit to Reprint)

Gasoline Prices Rebound - Upward

After reaching over 1,000 Colones/liter (about $5.65/gal), an all time high, the price of gasoline retreated in the last two weeks of July. But fear not, a new price increase was approved by the regulatory authority (ARESEP) as of 5 August that raises regular gas to 1,081₡/l (about $6.10/gal). Whoa.


Seeing this happen prompted our new President Rodrigo Chaves to request a bill to "put a ceiling on gas prices". He would do this by: "lowering the single tax on fuels, a decision that, according to the Treasury, will leave some items without financing; or else it will mean the issuance of new debt that Costa Ricans will end up paying in the future". Chaves blamed international market prices on refined products (Costa Rica does no refining) and the war in the Ukraine for the problem.


New Monthly High in Road Deaths


The Policia de Transito (Traffic Police) posted a vehicle fatality total of 43 in July, the highest monthly total in 28 years. On top of this the fatality count in June was 41. These numbers are for deaths at the scene and do not include deaths in hospitals resulting after the accident.


July is one month often used for vacations with a break in the rainy season (maybe) occurring and families going to the beach and mountains as schools take a break. Long term records unfortunately confirm the month of July as one of high accident and fatality rates. The director of the Transito Police states that speeding has the greatest relationship to the fatality figures.


Drive carefully and slower amigos.


Famous Ann Frank Statue Stolen


In 2008 the people of Holland, by way of the Dutch Embassy here, presented Costa Rica with a bronze statue of Ann Frank which was mounted on a pedestal in front of the Catedral Metropolitano in San José.


GG had an occasion to visit the Ann Frank Huis Museum in Amsterdam back in the 1970´s when I traveled there a lot. The story of the young Dutch girl being pursued and eventually killed in a concentration camp by the Nazis I found very moving. My friend and fellow author Michael Miller wrote an article about the statue back in 2015 which GG republished in the Chronicles HERE.


Ann Frank Reclining

Recently the statue was separated from its pedestal and stolen. Quick police work then turned up the statue at a nearby merchant´s stand simply lying on its back. That story was also written up by Michael and can be seen HERE.


Not only was this an affront to the history of the Ann Frank story but one asks why would someone steal a statue? For the value of the metal (bronze)? Authorities say the statue will be reset in its old position but this time with a more permanent foundation


More to be revealed, including the accomplice(s) as I doubt one person could have handled that weight solo.


¡Pura Vida!


Economic Drumbeat
(Costa Rica Business Happenings)

100 Day Prez Report/Cashing In Government


Our new president, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, recently spoke at his 100-day administration point, to assembled cabinet, legislators, business chambers of commerce and union representatives, among others where he presented his plans for the government for the near future. Recall that Sr. Chaves is an economist and has B.S., M.S. and Ph. D. degrees to prove it. He also worked for the World Bank as well as serving as Finance Minister in Costa Rica for a year before he was elected president.













"In a Better Country"

Chaves´ theme in this meeting was that the government needs to assure it´s financial position and strength and that can be better attained by selling and privatizing certain government assets. Among these are two government owned banks (BRC - GG´s bank and BCIS, the International Bank of Costa Rica). From sale of these two he would expect to net proceeds of about 1.8 Trillion Colones (about $2.7 Billion). This amount is equivalent to 6.5% of the countries debt and 4.2% of the countries total GDP. Sr. Chaves also singled out the National Insurance Company (INS) for about a 50% sale of its assets also, which would add proceeds to the above.


None of this, of course, is for certain because sales of government assets of this magnitude requires a bill to be approved in the legislature and that will require a good deal as Sr. Chaves´ party is not in the majority. But it was refreshing to read that, in this age of devil-may-care expenditure by governments (for example, see Argentina in the Latin American section below), at least one leader is edging towards responsible financial management rather than more debt.


Inflation Impacting and Reducing Consumption


A recent posting of government figures here reported that we are currently running an annual rate of inflation of 11.48%. Another study was done by Kantar Group, a data analytics and brand consulting company, based in London, England that was founded in 1992 and has approximately 30,000 employees in 100 countries. This study found that sales volume is contracting here in Costa Rica and in many other countries. Kantar also found that Costa Ricans are reducing their shopping frequency and searching more for cheaper brands to offset increases in supermarket costs with the exception of non-dairy beverages which continue to hold their sales volume.


Yeah, higher prices change buying habits resulting in contraction of the economy; Not a surprise amigos.


¡Pura Vida!



Latin America Updates
(Major Events In Neighboring Countries)




The Argentine economy and financial controls have become distorted and of growing concern to Argentines. Being reported is: "inflation out of control heading for hyper inflation (forecast to be as much as 90% this year forcing the government central bank to raise interest rates to 65% - ed). "There is daily increases of prices, and new clamps on access to some strong currency, –such as the US dollar, which Argentines love. And along the provincial border towns, particularly with neighboring Bolivia and Paraguay trade is done mostly with Bolivian Pesos."


The Argentine economy has been in difficult situations almost continuously for many decades, at least since the early 1990s. Many attribute it to overspending and the inability or unwillingness of the government several times to pay back international loans while looking for more of the same even yet under more expensive terms. This, of course, results in weakening of the Argentine Peso (ARS). Example: GG recalls that the ARS to $ ratio was about 15 in 2016 when I was there for a few weeks. The current exchange rate as I now write this report has reached 137 ARS/$, the current value representing almost one tenth the 2016 rate and making the ARS almost worthless. Unless you´re holding dollars.


This weak peso, of course, tends to make people keep and hoard their money in a more stable currency like U.S. dollars. So it was no surprise when workers at a dump in Las Parejas, a town in the center of Argentina uncovered a wad of about $75,000 in greenbacks. The word spread quickly and the town authorities were faced with crowds of locals digging in the trash for more loot. After two days the town had to close the dump for safety´s sake and no new money has yet been found.


The money was found inside an old armoire and probably came from an old woman who died recently leaving no heirs. I bet there are relatives or friends who wish they had been more careful in settling her estate.




Matanzas Supertanker Base is the major operating port in Cuba to accept shipments of crude oil. Late Friday night, August 5, lightning struck one of the eight 300,000 gal storage tanks causing it to burst into flame and sending flaming rivers to first one and then another tank until three tanks were on fire.


Although several specialty firefighting teams were sent from as far away as Mexico and Venezuela, the three tanks had erupted before dikes and there firefighting techniques were fully deployed. Casualties were significant with one dead so far retrieved, 17 missing firemen and 120 injured including the Cuban Energy Minister.


Matanzas is important to Cuba as the major oil importing station and this won´t help an economy which is already experiencing fuel shortages and daily blackouts in the middle of a deep economic crisis.


Dominican Republic


Arajet, a new airline based in the Dominican Republic is set to begin selling tickets in August for flights expected to begin in October of this year. Arajet is the latest name survivor that started out as Dominican Wings in 2016, then became Flycana in 2018.


AraJet intends to offer flights throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. This would include: Dominican Republic, the United States, Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, St. Maarten, Curaçao, Mexico, Panama, Aruba, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Peru, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, El Salvador, and Jamaica.


The airline currently has a fleet consisting of four Boeing 737 MAX 8 (capacity=189 passengers). An additional MAX 8 is now on order as well as 20 737 MAX 200´s (capacity=200 passengers) which are to be ordered in the near future.


The new airline is called "Ultra Bajo Costo" (or "Ultra Low Cost") because the goal of its management is to "offer rates up to 70% cheaper than the market average". (Wouldn´t that be nice, if it works - ed.) To prove their point the airline has been offering promotional flights on Monday thru Saturday (excepting Tuesdays) from San José to Santa Domingo for $149 round trip, including taxes. That´s just over 1,100 miles one way and about the same distance as SJO to Miami.





A recent study conducted by M&R Consultores resulted in the second highest ranking (77.3%) for presidential job performance in the Central American region going to Daniel Ortega, the President of Nicaragua. Only Nayib Bukele of El Salvador was given a higher ranking (90.6%). Following closely behind Ortega was Rodrigo Chaves of Costa Rica (76.2%). The others bringing up the low end included Xiomara Castro of Honduras (40.5% and Alejandro Giammattei of Guatemala (34.0%). The study also claimed that ‘Daniel’ is "liked" by 74% of the population. Here´s M&R´s summary:



M&R pointed out that the information was obtained in three ways. In the case of the countries of North and South America, as well as Panama, they used research from secondary sources, with pollsters who are in each of the countries. M&R is based in Nicaragua.


Since M&R is based in Nicaragua we can be pretty certain that numbers like these will not result in jailing the leaders involved in the study like was done by Ortega for major opposition leaders, and press, in the last election cycle.


¡Solo Bueno!


The Return of the Romeria
(Going to Any Length for Devotion)

How many traditions do you know that began 387 years ago (1635). Even the U.S. Declaration of Independence from Great Britain only goes back 246 years (1776) and the Costa Rican Declaration of Independence from Spain goes back 201 years (1821).

But Costa Rica is often surprising in many ways and holding to traditions such as the Romeria is one. And it does go back to 1635. The Romeria is the name given to the annual walk that many, many Catholic Costa Ricans (and that´s roughly 75% of the population) engage in at this time of year. And they come on foot from all across the country.

Basilica de Nuestros Señora de Los Angeles

Those that honor the Romeria march to the Cathedral in Cartago in devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary who is believed to have performed a miracle there. The march, which can take several days from the more remote areas finally converges on the largest cathedral in the country, called the Basilica de Nuestros Señora de Los Angeles or Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels.

N.B. Your Golden Gringo first wrote about this tradition and legend when I was fairly new here back in September 2011. I recommend you first take the following link and read the original article to get some of the background details: La Negrita. (Negrita means little black lady).

The March Is On (Southern Zone)

Of course, like so many other things, the Romeria did not occur in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic. But it´s back this year and reports from various corners are telling the story of record numbers of the prayerful feeling more devoted than ever. Crowd estimators say that the turnout could have been as high as 2.5 million (at least visiting the shrine if not completely doing a long journey) or double the last few Romerias (not bad for a country with only 5.1 million population).


As one pundit put it: "Stories of overcoming various obstacles of life, of requests for people’s health, or of searching for solutions, came to La Negrita de Los Angeles from all corners of the country." Sometimes these stories come out in thanks to the Virgin for something that has already happened; at other times it´s a prayer for help. Either way the penitent feels connected to a higher power greater than him or her self.


Romeria On Completion Night

The completion of the Romeria coincided with my friend and I attending an event described below in Escazu. Our event happened July 29-31 while the Romeria completed August 1 with a national holiday following on August 2. Tuesday, August 2, is Virgen de Los Angeles day, a national holiday, but one of ‘no pago obligatorio’ or otherwise, a non-paid holiday.


Coming from our event we were warned to be judicious in our choosing of routes home because of possibly running into the march or remnants thereof. In our case however, the route from Escazu to Quepos first took us far west of San José whereas most of the marches were coming from the south and east in their approach to Cartago; so we encountered no problem.

The marchers, some of whom had been walking for several days, eventually reached La Vieja Metrópoli or Old Metropolis. They give it this name because Cartago was once the capital of Costa Rica. You can review that period and the early Spanish history in Costa Rica HERE. As you might expect with crowds this large there are some two dozen or more ministry of health inspectors continually reviewing sanitation procedures and the purification of water and food supplies, the latter being offered by many vendors. In addition there are some 100+ municipal officials assigned to keeping the roads open and cleared. Add to that some 400 volunteers expected from the Red Cross.


Once the Romeros reach the Basilica they change from a walking approach to a knee-walk from the front of the church to just in front of the alter where La Negrita rests in exposition (photo right).


GG is somewhat familiar with Catholic rituals having grown up thru 12 years of Parochial School. These people could be doing a lot worse things in this age of drugs and violence; instead they practice humility.


God Bless ´Em.


¡Pura Vida!


Rumble and Weather Talk
(Shaky Happenings & Weather Observations About the Pacific Rim)



Yet still another month passes by without a significant tremor here; only the extra sensitive could have noted an occasional mild quiver. Heavy quake action seemed to be located more to the south with Chile experiencing two 6+ shakers in the last thirty days.


So let it be written, so let it be done.


Check Out Recent Earthquakes All Around the World Posted by the U.S.G.S.  Recent Quakes




Still in the middle of the rainy season but no downpours like the one reported last month that caused flooding in Quepos. Still a guess as to when the clouds will roll over the mountains and dump on us, so just for safety, take your paragua (umbrella). And don´t leave it at the restaurant or shop like GG does (I´m working on my 18th umbrella in 14 years residency here).

¡Solo Bueno!


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International Living Fast Track Conference
(Mixing With The Probable New Expats)


Intercontinental Hotel Escazu

International Living Magazine, which caters to expats from many countries, also runs annual events in several countries. These "Fast Track" events are designed to bring information about the countries to people considering the country for expatriation or residence. Costa Rica is such a country and the name of this event here this year was Fast Track Costa Rica 2022. GG just attended FTCR 2022 held at the Intercontinental Hotel in the San José suburb of Escazu.


The Intercontinental is a first class hotel backed up to the edge of the Multi-Plaza Shopping Center in Escazu. The hotel has five restaurants including a casual place called The Market that serves an excellent breakfast up to and including chef-prepared omelettes. The other four eateries are more formal including an Italian restaurant called Pimento - to which the Golden Gringo gave five stars. The hotel is easy walking proximity to the area´s largest mall and makes it unlikely that a guest would find little to do in between presentations.


Real Ballroom

This was GG´s third time at this event having attended in 2018 and 2019. Due to the pandemic, the meeting was not held for the last two years. This year, by my unofficial count, there were almost 200 attendees comfortably ensconced in the Real (Royal) Ballroom where we met.


FTCR 2022 started Friday, July 29 and ran through Sunday afternoon on the 31st. The event was packed with mostly half-hour presentations on various questions and concerns that people have, and rightly so, about moving to a new country. GG got his chance to make his presentation on Saturday morning and the start of his address can be seen in the video below right.


GG Doing His Thing at FTCR2022

Topics of wide interest that were covered included investments, real estate, purchasing and financing property, renting before buying, private and national health care, dental care, medical insurance, starting a business, beach living, mountain living, volunteer opportunities, accommodating pets and taking time to assess what you like and don´t like about any of these - i.e., rating and ranking your possible move-to locations by what is important to you and how strong that factor is in each of your possible areas.


My turn to expound (or bloviate, depending on how you look at it) came on Saturday morning when I gave a PowerPoint slide presentation I titled "Living Easy on the Central Pacific Coast".

Reasons you may want to live in Costa Rica were covered by a number of people including GG. The presenters were there to talk as well about the specific geographical areas we live in, mine being the Central Pacific Coast.


On why I chose Costa Rica I offered the slide left as my rational. I noted that, on those initial eight visits I always ended up in Quepos/Manuel Antonio and always felt comfortable here. On the last two visits, when I was nearing retirement, I found it difficult to leave for home and that signaled me that Costa Rica and Quepos/MA would be where I should retire, which is what I did promptly thereafter.


In regards to why I chose Quepos, I have always preferred small towns, having grown up in one in Massachusetts that was about the same size as Quepos. Then there was the ocean beach, again something I grew up with except that one can go swimming here all year long whereas trying to do so from November thru April in Mass. could result in a frozen tuchas. Small town living, beautiful salt-water beach, tropical climate and jungle greenery everywhere you looked; what else could one want?


In addition I pointed out that the culture is both democratic and friendly, that the cost of living is very moderate and that the proximity to the States makes the return to them for family and other purposes easy. I measured out the distances on Google and showed that it´s a flight of some 200 miles less to go to Miami from San José than from Miami to Chicago). Of course I also used the FTCR opportunity to plug the three books I wrote about Costa Rica (bottom slide above, left).


The Central Pacific Team

In addition to the presentations, we were given a table in an exhibition hall near the Real Ballroom. GG enlisted a close friend by the name of Jessie P. to bring his knowledge of Costa Rica to people we met at this table. Jessie, a native Costa Rican with excellent English, has lived on both coasts and a couple of places in between, has been a surfing instructor, a tour guide. He knows the fishing industry here including the tournaments having evolved from a fishing family that includes his dad and brother.



Jessie easily connected with our visitors and must have made some of them very comfortable because at least two people looked him up after the event and visited him at Marina Pez Vela in Quepos where he works. It was also nice for GG to have a good friend to drive with for the 163 km one way route (100 miles). His car, affectionately known as Honigan, is one of high character (that´s what we say when it´s more than 20 years old) and it performed very well.


Once more GG (and his "assistant Jessie") had a good time together as well as having the opportunity to meet many would-be expats whilst hopefully providing them some good information on why it´s great to live in Costa Rica.


¡Pura Vida!


¿Que es Eso? Department (¿What is That?)




Isn´t that cute, someone placed a stone crocodile near the river.


Ha, Ha!


Answer in What's-in-a-Word section below.




¡Pura Vida!



Health Stuff

Note: The information given in this section is offered as news information only and does not indicate GGC confirmation or denial of the accuracy of the treatment or a recommendation to pursue it, nor can we or do we guarantee the efficacy of the results nor validity of the conclusions proffered. (How's that for a disclaimer amigos?)



a. Covid State of Emergency Lifted


The original national emergency declared for the Covid Pandemic was initiated on March 16, 2020 and was just recently lifted on August 17, 2022 after two years and five months.


The removal of the state of emergency, as well as the initial declaration and everything else the government does officially has to be published in La Gaceta, the official state newsletter. Even my naturalization cedula (citizenship document) had to be published in La Gaceta before it became official. Added President Chaves: “We can also respect the freedom of each citizen regarding the obligations to be vaccinated or not.” Making it voluntary was something Chaves initiated shortly after assuming his office.


There are still over 700 Covid patients in hospitals that will continue to be treated but in a more conventional sense.


b. Back to Normal With Dengue


With the Pandemic on the decline, at least for the most serious cases, the health system can turn its efforts more to traditional viruses, most notably Dengue. Sure enough, like on schedule, and to compliment the rainy season a couple of hot spots for Dengue have already turned up in the Central Valley.


Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease, transmitted by female mosquitoes mainly of the species Aedes Aegypti and, to a lesser extent, Ae. Albopictus. These mosquitoes are also vectors of chikungunya, yellow fever and Zika viruses. (flexible and potent devils, aren´t they)?


The table to the right gives the typical symptoms of Dengue and the following cautionary is offered by the national health system: If you think you have dengue:


¡Solo Bueno!



Travel Quote of the Month


¡A Cachete!


GGC Bookshelf

drfGGC Publications Group is the parent organization that publishes the Golden Gringo Chronicles as well as a number of books and paraphernalia related to the Chronicles and Costa Rica. The GGC Bookshelf also includes works from a number of other authors that belong to the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group in which GGC has been a founding member.


Here are the books currently on our bookshelf:


lop uio cvb jio
Costa Rica`s Mystery Spheres Mariposa - English

Mariposa - Español The Chronicles as a Narrative

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gty ikl dft drt
Small Business Guide Making Time Count Overcoming Drinking Murder or Suicide?
#5 Read More #6 Read More #7 Read More #8 Read More
ser kio fty
Getting Around the Capital Retiring in Costa Rica Avoiding the Pitfalls What's the Sleuth Up To?
#9 Read More #10 Read More #11 Read More #12 Read More


awe drt There's Room for
More on the QMA Writers Group Bookshelf

Keep Writing Amigos!
Spiritual Love Connection World War II True Story Wildfire and the Tribune  
#13 Read More #14 Read More #15 Read More  


All of the above books are available on Amazon.com and the "Read More" links above will lead you to them. You can find more detail on all of them on our GGC Publications Page.

GGC Products Store

GGC Publications also offers some accessories and paraphernalia related to the Chronicles and with Costa Rican themes, to wit:






a. Golden Gringo Chronicles with Logo
b. Official Golden Gringo with Monkey on Banana Hammock
c. ¡Quepo en Quepos! ("I Fit In Quepos!") with Photo of Quepos
d. Wanna Monkey Around? - Come on Down! (shown) with Photo of White Faced Monkey, e. It's OK to be Slothful with photo of Three-Toed Sloth.


The t-shirts are available in several themes, colors, styles and sizes. See them all HERE.


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Benjamin Franklin

Answer to Que Es Eso


Baby, that´s no stone figure, it´s a real croc! It´s believed to be the largest crocodile in Costa Rica and inhabits an area along the Rio Frio in the north central region of the country. It prefers to lay along the muddy banks of this strong river, waiting opportunistically.


This particular croc measures almost 6 meters (19 feet), according to fishermen who have approximated its length. That means it could weigh over 1,100 kilos or about 2,500 lbs.


Crocodiles are essentially omnivorous, willing to eat all sorts of prey such as reptiles, mammals, birds, as well as fish and even humans, especially when they are hungry. They are more aggressive than alligators and have no reluctance at attacking a human if they have the opportunity. They should be given wide berth when encountered.


On one early trip to Costa Rica almost 20 years ago GG was walking down the beach north of Manuel Antonio center beach when I saw a large pool of water I would call a pond (Floridians would call it a lake). I started to walk towards it to investigate when a Tico fella about a 100 meters away yelled: "No, no, no señor, cocodrilos!" Then I noticed on the far end of the pond a gentle wake progressing across the pond formed by the head of croc.


Thanks amigo, I´ll visit the pond some other time.


¡Solo Bueno!




ROMEO Corner
(Retired Old Men Eating Out)

de la Finca, Quepos

Location: Across the street from Banco Popular and the Caja building.
Mon/Fri: 12-10PM; Sat: 5-10PM, Sun Closed

Parking: Limited in front, street parking.
Contacts: Tel. 2774-0156: Website: (20+) De La Finca Quepos | Facebook.

Reviewing ROMEOS: Amy P., Bob N., Glen N., Harry R., Jorge M., Julia S., Olga C., Roger B., Ruth R., Steve M.


To Review Our Rating System Go Here: R.O.M.E.O. Rating System


This restaurant was last reviewed in April of 2018 and that review can be seen HERE.


GG remembers this place as a small restaurant and basically it still is but the dining space has been about doubled since the earlier review. The place is simple but neat and airy, functionally decorated in such a way as to make it pleasant. The composite score for ambiance from the ten ROMEOs attending was 4.3/5.0 max.


The menu consists of a large laminated placard that offers a fairly broad array of foods ranging from hamburgers (the ones I saw served were large) to beef fillet dishes to a few seafood combinations. A good visual assortment can be seen on their photos and videos on their website (above under contacts).


GG decided on a Tico classic called a Poke Bowl. This is a soup bowl containing cubes of tuna steak marinated in a maracuya (passion fruit) sauce combined with cubes of tropical fruit and pieces of avocado, all over the perquisite steamed rice. Excellent and refreshing.


Other ROMEOs elected to try the burgers, wraps (mahi-mahi, chicken & tuna), a tuna barbecue and more burgers and poke bowls.


Everyone appear happy with their food quality and the group gave a composite score of 4.4/5.0 for food quality

Value Index= 148


We were served by one of the principals, a gentleman named Mauricio who was very friendly, polite and attentive. The composite score for service came in at 4.7/5.0, yielding an average score for ambiance, food quality and service of 4.44/5.0.


ROMEOs at de la Finca Once More
Doing Their Culinary Duty

For GG, the poke bowl plus my favorite beverage, a ginger ale michelada, the total came in at 9,000 colones including 23% for sales taxes and requisite gratuity (about $14 these days). The composite score for cost came in at 3.0/5.0 or one of the lowest ratings for cost of any restaurant we´ve evaluated in this area and which, of course, helped increase the Value Index. The Value Index is calculated to be 4.44/3.0x100 = 148 and puts de la Finca in the top 10% of our ratings for value.


The ROMEO group can easily recommend de la Finca for a good meal of quality food at a very reasonable price.


¡A Cachete!



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